Video Gallery

To help educate patients on various aspects of procedures, the following videos are provided for educational purposes. Please note that many of these videos contain graphic surgical content.

Dr. Ng also provides ongoing up to date information on her YouTube channel.

How much is in a syringe of filler? How much filler do I need?

How are breast implants placed? How small are breast augmentation incisions?

What is a tissue expander? How is a tissue expander used in breast reconstruction?

Tissue expansion in the office for breast reconstruction

What are the differences between different types of breast implants?

How should sunscreen be used?

How do I correct and prevent acne outbreaks?

What is medical grade skin care? What is the "Getting Skin Ready" program by ZO Skin Health?

Surgical release of trigger finger

Steroid injection in clinic for trigger finger

Aspiration of ganglion cyst of wrist in clinic

Wide awake flexor tendon repair under local anesthetic only

Second stage flexor tendon reconstruction with placement of palmaris longus tendon graft

Movement of the hand at clinic follow up after completion of hand therapy after surgical fixation of fractures

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