Hand related plastic surgery procedures

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Hand rejuvenation in Orange, Anaheim, Newport Beach, Irvine in Orange County and in Long Beach

What is hand rejuvenation?
Patients in Orange County often seek hand rejuvenation to restore the appearance of a smooth, youthful hand. This may be done by using fat, fillers, skin excision, skin resurfacing or chemical peels, or a combination approach.

What causes hands to age or look old?
With time, collagen thins-- including on your hands. Often, we focus on our faces, but our hands are also an important part of how we gesture to express ourselves and to greet people. With thinning of the skin and collagen on the hands, veins and tendons on the back of the hand may appear more prominent, which is a give-away for less youthful hands. In addition, exposure to the sun over time can cause pigmentation or dark sun spots on the hand, making hands appear older.

How are fillers or hyaluronic acid used in hand rejuvenation?
Hyaluronic acid is found normally in our bodies, and in synthetic form through commercially available fillers, it draws water to itself to help skin appear more plump. Given that the fat under our skin can thin with time, placement of fillers or hyaluronic acid helps decrease the prominence of veins and tendons on the back of the hand, making hands appear more plump and youthful. This is an in office procedure with little to no downtime.


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