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Dr. Ng is both a skin and hand care specialist. For her interview with NextAvenue as a medical expert in December 2020, click on this link.

Dr. Ng provides expert opinions on skin care and sun protection. Read Dr. Ng's February 2020 interview with Skin Care Hero by clicking on this link.

Dr. Ng has also commented on addressing freckles for Skin Care Hero in January 2020 (click here for link).

As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ng is often asked her opinions and advice regarding different aesthetic treatments. Dr. Ng believes in natural, healthy results. She takes care to ensure that her patients have realistic goals, and she works hard to help them achieve their desired results. Read Dr. Ng's November 2019 interview with Women's Health on social media driven plastic surgery by clicking on this link.

It was a pleasure to speak with Healthline about the dangers of buying unregulated cosmetics online. We believe that medical skin care products should always be of high quality, and we only recommend products that we have tried with success. Find out more about ZO Skin Health by visiting this link. Read Dr. Ng's October 2019 interview with Healthline by clicking on this link.

Every one of our reconstructive patients deserves special attention for their ability to overcome and heal from or cope with challenging circumstances, but few of them make the news. Dr. Ng works with an amazing team of health care professionals to offer all patients the best possible outcomes.


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