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What is arm lift surgery in Orange County?
Brachioplasty is also known as arm lift surgery. In this procedure, excess skin is removed from the arm. A scar is hidden on the inside and the arm and armpit area. This allows you to feel more comfortable in short sleeve or sleeveless clothes if you are concerned about extra skin.

How is arm lift surgery performed?
Traditional Arm Lift: This is a procedure more suitable for patients who have lost over 100 lbs, resulting in excessive skin sagging on the arms. The incision scar runs from the armpit to the elbow in this surgery. Extended Arm Lift: This is a surgery for patients who have lost over 100 lbs and have excessive skin on the arm and also on the outer upper area of the chest. This procedure leaves a permanent scar running from your elbow to the upper chest area. Minimal incision Arm Lift: This procedure for patients who have lost minimal weight resulting in a small amount of excessive skin, and who are otherwise healthy and fit. This procedure gives you a permanent yet tiny scar in your arm pit.

What is liposuction in Orange County?
Liposuction is a procedure which uses suction to remove excess fat from your body. During the procedure, Dr. Ng inserts a small, thin cannula (a blunt-tipped tube) through tiny incisions on your skin. These are used to suction out fat as they are moved under your skin towards specific fat areas. Patients see some improvement in the contours of the body immediately after surgery. The improvement continues over the next several weeks or even some months as the swelling diminishes. The complete effects of liposuction are fully evident after about a year.

What is a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty in Orange County?
Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty surgery, removes excess lower abdominal skin and fat, and also preserves the belly button in an aesthetic position. Scars are hidden low in the underwear line so that patients can wear bikinis or bathing suits comfortable. The abdominal muscles, also known as the rectus muscles, are tightened to reduce bulging of the belly for a flat, toned abdomen. In some patients, staging this surgery with liposuction or consideration of liposuction can give optimal aesthetic results.

What can I expect after abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery?
At the end of your surgery, you will have an abdominal binder in place to support the repair of your abdominal muscles and newly repositioned skin. You may have drains, which are typically removed in clinic in 2 weeks. You will be given instructions on drain care, including emptying and recording your drain outputs daily. Bring this record to your follow up appointment. You should expect to wear your abdominal binder for at least 6 weeks. All your sutures will be absorbable, and will not need to be removed in clinic later.

What is surgery for massive weight loss?
Congratulations are in order for your success in losing a massive amount of weight! This is often the first step in your journey towards healthy living, and improved body image. In order to help you fit better into clothes, excess skin is removed from areas of the body where the skin has been stretched and no longer contracts nor fits to your new form. This extra skin is often in the arms, thighs, and abdomen or tummy. In addition, after massive weight loss, the breasts often deflate. A breast lift surgery, with or with placement of breast implants, can help with sagging breasts that develop after massive weight loss.

What is a "mommy makeover" surgery in Orange County?
After having children, there may be permanent changes to a woman's figure, including excess abdominal skin, loose muscles of the abdomen (also known as rectus diastasis), and deflated breasts after the conclusion of breast feeding. The "mommy makeover" often includes a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and a breast lift with or without the placement of implants, depending on your goals. There are many techniques used to perform a mommy makeover, and many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing which techniques are best for each patient. Book your appointment with Dr. Ng to discuss your needs.

What is thigh lift surgery in Orange County?
During a thigh lift, Dr. Ng removes excess fat and skin that may be sagging or bothersome to you. Scars are hidden in the inner and upper thighs. She also often does liposuction before, during, or after the procedure in order to achieve optimal contouring results, but this depends on your specific concerns and anatomy. To find out if this is the best option for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ng.

What is labiaplasty in Orange County?
Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for altering the folds of skin that surround your vulva, called the labia majora and labia minor. Some women are bothered by excess skin in this area, or desire a different shape or more symmetry of their labia. Surgery can be performed on the labia major (the larger, outer vaginal lips), or the labia minor (the smaller, inner vaginal lips), and oftentimes this can be done under local anesthetic alone as an outpatient procedure. Absorbable sutures are used. Avoidance of sexual intercourse for up to 6 weeks after surgery is necessary for optimal healing.


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