Reconstructive breast surgery in Orange County

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Breast reconstruction with tissue expander and implant, breast reduction surgery, FTM top surgery, masculinization of the chest or chest contouring, MTF top surgery

What is breast reduction surgery?
A breast reduction in Orange County helps in reducing the size of the breasts with the removal of excessive skin and tissue.

Breast reduction surgery is a frequent choice for women in Orange County who are not comfortable with the large size of their breasts. Patients suffer from related issues like pain in the breasts, skin rashes, back pain, or excessive sweating below the breast. With these symptoms, patients may be a good candidate for breast reduction. Dr. Ng performs breast reduction surgery for patients all over Orange County and its surrounding areas. Breast reduction patients trust Dr. Ng to perform their surgery because of her personalized approach and extensive knowledge with breast surgeries. To see if a breast reduction is right for you, call our Orange office for a consultation today.

What should I do after breast reduction surgery?
Record your drain outputs and bring your record of drain outputs to each postoperative visit. The length of time that your drains are in place depends on their outputs. Leave your dressings on and clean and intact and dry until your first follow up visit, usually about a week after your surgery.

What are breast reduction size requirements?
For breast reduction to be covered by your insurance, a certain amount of tissue must be removed relative to your height and weight, or total body surface area. In general, this tends to be about 400 or 500 g or more from each breast, but the exact amount depends on your measurements. The amount of breast tissue removed is measured with a scale in the operating room, and the exact amount of tissue removed is noted in the operative report which is sent to your insurance company for coverage after the procedure is done. Schedule a consultation with Dr Ng to find out if you are a candidate for an insurance covered breast reduction. Dr Ng will also measure your breasts to help give you an idea of the amount of reduction or lift that you can expect from breast reduction surgery in Orange County.

What is oncoplastic breast reduction?
Oncoplastic surgery combines the latest plastic surgery techniques with breast surgical oncology. When a large lumpectomy is required that will leave the breast distorted, the remaining tissue is sculpted to realign the nipple and areola and restore a natural appearance to the breast shape. The opposite breast will also be modified to create symmetry. This is a good option for patients who are candidates for breast conservation therapy or lumpectomy, and for are also candidates for breast reduction or mastopexy (breast lift).

How is oncoplastic breast surgery performed?
At the time of your lumpectomy, the surgical oncologist will remove the tumor and the lymph nodes. Dr. Ng will perform a bilateral breast reduction or lift, removing breast tissue from the cancerous breast as well as modifying the normal breast. The procedures generally involve an incision around the nipple and areola, a vertical incision from the nipple to the lower fold of the breast (which is called the inframammary fold), and a horizontal incision in the fold of the breast, like an upside-down anchor. Scars are often easily hidden when wearing a bra, depending on where your cancer was located.

What is a breast tissue expander in Orange County?
A breast tissue expander is an inflatable breast implant designed to stretch the skin and muscle to make room for a future, more permanent implant. At the same time your mastectomy is done by our breast surgical oncologist, Dr. Ng will insert a tissue expander beneath your skin and chest muscle (this muscle is called your pectoralis major muscle).

Through a tiny valve mechanism located inside the expander, Dr. Ng will periodically inject a salt-water solution to gradually fill the expander over several weeks or months. You may feel a sensation of stretching and pressure in the breast area during this procedure, but most women find it is not too uncomfortable.

This process will usually begin three to four weeks after your mastectomy, once your drains are removed, and will continue until the size is slightly larger than your other breast. After the skin over the breast area has stretched enough, the expander will be removed in a second operation and either flap reconstruction or a permanent implant will be inserted. The nipple and the dark skin surrounding it, called the areola, are reconstructed in a subsequent procedure.

What is FTM top surgery in Orange County?
Top surgery is reduction and masculinization of the breasts and chest for patients who wish for a more masculine chest, generally for patients undergoing a next step in the process of gender reassignment. Breast tissue is removed and the nipple position is often made appropriately smaller and placed in a more masculine anatomic position. Top surgery allows for a more comfortable chest with improved psychosocial benefits, including better clothing fit and feeling more comfortable with physical activity in social situations. The chest can also be made more masculine with fat grafting to provide a more muscular and sculpted appearance. We follow WPATH guidelines for patients with gender concerns in our safe environment. Our office is friendly and welcoming, and we are proud to support our patients in their surgical goals.


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