Reconstructive Surgery

restoring function and form

Whether due to trauma, cancer or congenital differences, reconstructive surgery can include treating defects of the face and breasts, torn earlobes, prominent ears and much more.


Due to skin cancer, it is possible to have small or large defects to the face that require restoration of both form and function. Sometimes, in certain skin cancer types such as melanoma, the resulting defects after wide local excision of the cancer are much larger than one may anticipate.

Dr. Ng is an expert at moving tissues to help you regain your ability to breathe, use your lips or restore your eyelid function and optimize your appearance.

Accidents can result in facial fractures and injuries to the face. Dr. Ng has experience in treating fractures of the face, including orbit fractures, nasal fractures, zygoma (cheek bone) fractures and mandible (jaw) fractures.

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Breast cancer may result in the loss of one or both breasts through mastectomy. Dr. Ng has training in reconstructive breast surgery. This may mean placement of a breast implant or tissue expander into your breast pocket after all of your breast tissue has been removed through mastectomy.

Macromastia is a condition in which large or pendulous breasts cause back and neck pain or skin irritation and shoulder grooving from bra straps. Dr. Ng truly enjoys helping women with these symptoms by performing breast reduction surgery, and she is expertly trained and experienced in multiple breast reduction techniques.

Gender affirmation top surgery can be life changing for patients who are excellent candidates. Dr. Ng is experienced and supportive of patients who wish for FTM top surgery, or MTF top surgery. She will listen to your concerns and provide you with options in a safe and welcoming environment.

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