Aesthetic procedures
and skin rejuvenation

We use the ZO line of skin care products (click here for more information) which can address pigmentation, fine lines and dullness of the skin. Botox and fillers can be used for volume enhancement. Sunscreen is always recommended.

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Reconstructive surgery
including face and breasts

When cancer is removed, reconstruction of the defect must maximizing restoration of both the function and form of the patient's anatomy. Breast reconstruction may use implants or tissue expanders.

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and wrist surgery

Hand pain from arthritis, hand contractures, numbness and tingling from carpal tunnel syndrome? There are many nonsurgical and surgical treatments for common hand and wrist conditions.

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I feel so blessed to have Dr. Ng as my surgeon. She is not only professional but also very detail oriented. Dr. Ng always puts her patients first. What a patient-centered practice!

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